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The need for the world of photo editing is very fast growing nowadays. It is usually used to be published on several media.
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28 Desember 2019
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Today, the world of photo design is very popular with millennials. You are an animator? Don’t worry, you can now download the latest Zoetropic Pro Mod v1.5.75 mobile photo application easily and will certainly help with image editing activities.


What is Zoetropic Pro Mod v1.5.75?

The need for the world of photo editing is very fast growing nowadays. It is usually used to be published on several media. For an editor, the most complete application is required like Zoetropic Pro Mod v1.5.75.

This application is an editing service that allows you to turn ordinary photos into motion. The Mod version is made by a third party who will make the captured images look as if they are alive.

In essence, this application will make selected objects such as animals, water, plants and others can move. Unfortunately, Zoetropic Pro Mod v1.5.75 is not available on Play Store.

How to Download Zoetropic Pro Mod Mobile Photo Application v1.5.75

As you well know, there are currently many photo editing applications that can be had for free on several internet sites. However, not all of them can produce images as sophisticated as the Zoetropic Pro application. To download the application, you only need to:

1. Write the name of this application in the Google search field.

2. Choose a trusted site and get the application.

3. To make it easier to visit the following link.

4. After successful, it will usually be stored in the “download” folder in the internal memory

5. Just install it.

How to Install Zoetropic Pro Mod v1.5.75

To be able to use this application, you must first install it. Here’s how easy it is:

Download the Zoetropic Pro v1.5.75 mobile photo application through the link provided.
Go to the Settings menu and select “Security”, check the “Unknown Source” option to allow the device to install applications other than PlayStore.
If there is an old version or the free version, then “uninstall” first. Then just install the Zoetropic Pro v1.5.75 application that you downloaded
Wait for the installation process to finish.
The next step is to open the Zoetropic Pro v1.5.75 application on your Android phone and use it as needed.

Application Features of Zoetropic Pro v1.5.75

What are the features in this application? The following are:

Use the motion tool at every point you want to give a life and move effect.
With a stabilizer you can define a point not to be moved and avoid unwanted distortion.
With the existing mask tool, you will be able to determine the direction of the image area that has no movement.
There is no watermark, so it will make the results more elegant.
Can be negotiated / redo to avoid mistakes.
Can crop photos according to the desired needs.
There are no bugs because it’s been fixed.
No ads appear, so you will focus on editing.
Supports all versions of Android.
The quality of the resulting size is better than the previous version.
How to use the Zoetropic Pro application v1.5.75

After getting the application, how do you use it?

The first way to make sure you have downloaded the application.
It is recommended to understand each of the functions and menus contained in this Zoetropic Pro.
If so, now open the Zoetropic Pro application.
You can also adjust the starting point and then slide it to the desired place.
Do not forget to also adjust the size of the arrow, by sliding up and down right or left to make the right order. This stage is to make the movements as desired.
Next is stabilization, that is by limiting movement. The way it can be by pressing on a point on the screen, dragging and dropping in the desired direction. Each point close together will be connected to form a line or stable region.
Remove movement and stabilization, select the point you want, then select the trash can icon to confirm the deletion.
Here you need a mask tool, where it functions to freeze the area in the image.
Required Smartphone Specifications

To download the Zoetropic Pro Mod v1.5.75 mobile photo application, not just any smartphone can be used. Required certain specifications that are able to run this application.

The first specification has a minimum capacity of Random Access Memory (RAM) of at least 2 GB and a Read Only Memory (ROM) of at least 8 GB. Because this application has a fairly large file capacity for Android size.

Then, your Android also has to use the operating system version 1.9 or above so that its use is more optimal. If the OS is not high enough, then this application tends to not be able to run.

Another Version of Zoetropic Pro Mod Moving Image Application

Zoetropic Pro Mod v1.5.75 mobile photo application has 2 types and versions which of course have different features and advantages, namely Zoetropic v1.4.99 and Zoetropic v1.4.97.

However, the two versions above are older versions of Zoetropic Pro, so some of the features in them are incomplete. However, you can still use it with interesting menu options in it.

Zoetropic Pro Menu Functions v1.5.75

When you start using this application, you will see several menus such as:

1. Top Menu

At the top is the display of the menu bar which consists of several menu icons. Then click strip three to see more menus. On the right hand position the symbol “Play” has a function to see if the project is running well.

While the redo menu is next to it, the opposite of undo. This is used to return some wrong moves to the beginning or the previous one.

2. Bottom Menu

With so many menus at the bottom, it will make you more free to run several projects, such as:

Motion. Used to make a moving image effect only focus in one direction.
Squence Make the image move in many directions, such as the movement of objects or water that rotates.
Select. To mark an image that will be focused, because it will be given the effect of motion or squance or that you want to delete.
Zoom To see images to be even bigger.
Mask Mark the part of the image that is intended to not have a moving effect.
Erase. For markings on mask parts that are not needed.
Masking Tool. Give a selection of objects or parts that do not want to be made to move with color
Motion and Stabilize to make the image more proportional
Export to export images to video after the editing process is complete.

Thus a review of downloading the Zoetropic Pro Mod v1.5.75 mobile photo application and how to install, use and its advantages. Hope it can be useful for those of you who are looking for ways to make images move neatly.

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