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This WhatsApp modification application offers a variety of interesting and sophisticated features such as access to store photos and status images easily.
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26 Desember 2019
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This WhatsApp modification application offers a variety of interesting and sophisticated features such as access to store photos and status images easily. You can immediately download the latest WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk v7.20 to get various services and facilities.


Review the WhatsApp Plus Mod Application Apk

This application still has a lot of enthusiasts, despite having been banned by WhatsApp because of a slight experience of service differences. Now quite a lot of developers are developing and modifying this social networking service.

This application provides a variety of attractive offers, such as being able to send files both videos or documents that have a large capacity. In addition, this application also provides a direct download feature on the contact’s post status.

Many are reluctant to download this application because it is prone to restrictions. However, you can download the latest WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk v8.20 anti-banned to get a variety of features and a variety of services that are more sophisticated and varied without complicated.

How to download the WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk Application

Here is a practical way to download this application:

The Latest Way Just Download Here With Several Versions Including The Old

1. Check the internet network on your cellphone. Make sure the connection is smooth and fine, because during the download process will require adequate connectivity.

2. Then, open the search engine and write the keyword “WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk v8.20.” In the search field. Or you can simply click on this link https://thefunexplode.com/whatsapp-plus-download-apk/ to get easier service access.

3. After finding and entering the web address, there will be many choices of applications. Please scroll down and down until you find the word download in green below the text WhatsApp Plus.

4. Then click download with the capital letters listed. Sometimes this process takes a little longer.

5. Then your next step will be directed to the approval page. In this phase, what needs to be done is to give approval and understand all requests attached to the screen in order to proceed to the process of free download.

6. After the steps above are done well, you have successfully completed the download process. The download notification can be seen in the Toolbar column on your cellphone. Success or failure of the download process depends on the available internet network connectivity.

How to Install the WhatsApp Plus Mod Application Apk

After downloading correctly, the application will automatically be installed on the user’s device. But if there are obstacles in the installation, you can follow the steps below:

Make sure your device is connected to the internet first so that the installation process of WhatsApp can run properly without obstacles.
Then, the next step to do is enter or press the file manager icon on your smartphone.
Then please select the internal memory option to open the application that was downloaded via the browser earlier.
The next step is to scroll down all the way to the bottom until you find the download folder.
After successfully finding it, please enter into the folder to find the WhatsApp Plus application that has just been downloaded.
After the application file was found, please click so that you can follow the next command.
In this step, you will find a “pop up” menu and press the “install on this device” button.
Wait a while until the WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk app is completely installed on your device.
After doing each of the above steps properly, you can already enjoy the features and various interesting services provided by WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk.

Features in the WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk Application

1. Raise the character limit on the posting status, so you can write curhatan, information, and opinions without having to be bound by a minimum count of letters.

2. The WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk application also provides audio and video sending features with a large capacity. Even able to send media e-books or documents that have a size of up to 50 MB without reducing the quality of the file.

3. As a support for your private world activities, this application presents services in the form of a lock with a password in every conversation or all media in the application.

4. The latest version of WhatsApp Plus can hide the status of typing “typing …” on chat opponents, so they will not know you are typing or not.

5. The online status listed can also be hidden by WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk, so your friends who have contacts do not know if you are active and open the application.

How to use WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk

1. Set Privacy

The privacy services provided by this platform are very interesting because they are able to hide their own activities such as online status or typing. This of course makes some people more comfortable and free to use this application.

Simple steps and ways to use this feature is to tap on the dot symbol located at the top right. After that, there will be many choices of interesting facilities, then privacy settings can be done at will.

2. Download the theme at will

By using this WhatsApp, you can customize the theme or wallpaper as you wish. There are quite a lot of unique, cool, and funny themes that make this application more interesting and colorful.

Smartphone Specifications Required for WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk
This application basically does not have any specific requirements for using a battery of any capacity, but try to power above 2,500 mAh. This function prevents lowbat when chatting, video calls, also WhatsApp voice calls.

A capacity of more than 2 GB of RAM is also highly recommended to stay comfortable when chatting, video and voice calls. As well as preventing your device from experiencing Force Closed suddenly.

Memory with a capacity of 4 GB and above is recommended before installing this application on your device. It aims to save the application without the need to delete other data in internal memory.

Another version of WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk

1. GBWhatsApp
In addition to WhatsApp Mod Apk, the same developer also provides GBWhatsApp which allows users to enjoy various services and interesting features offered by them.

This application has a number of downloads of more than one million downloads and affordability that is easy to use. WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk can be downloaded for free in a web browser, and can be updated according to the user’s wishes.

2. WhatsApp Status Downloader
The presence of WhatsApp Status Downloader has a feature to save the status, both in the form of photos and videos. Without having to bother to shift navigation screenshoot, downloading the resulting file also has a pretty good quality.

The above is a description of how to download the latest WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk v8.20 along with an explanation of how to use and various other applications that are still connected to the platform.

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