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Want to download the latest bokeh full HD no sensor video application? You need to know the list of recommendations bokeh videos that can make videos look more cool and professional.
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Want to download the latest bokeh full HD no sensor video application? You need to know the list of recommendations bokeh videos that can make videos look more cool and professional. Some of these video bokeh museum applications are perfect for you fans of videography.


What is Bokeh Video?

video bokeh museum is a term that is defined as the sharpness of the focus of a particular object on a photo or video. To get this result, you must add a blur effect to the background or space around the video object.

This kind of thing has become commonplace and is very popular with videography or cinematography lovers. This technique is one of the mainstays and is very often used to produce videos that are commonly known as “depth of field (DOF)”.

Technically, this bokeh video features video objects to be the main focus. This was done by making the background or background blurry. The goal, so that the main object that is focused is more visible dominant and clearer.

Now to get the video bokeh museum effect on a video, you don’t have to have an expensive camera with bokeh features, but just use the app on your smartphone. Even so, this also adjusts to the specifications of the camera and the amount of resolution.

Download the Latest Full HD No Sensor Bokeh Video Application

Now making videos can be done easily. PlayStore and many websites provide easy access to get bokeh video maker applications. There are several new applications that can be your choice in making videos. As:

1. After Focus

For those of you who like to post videos on social media Instagram, this video bokeh museum video editing application is perfect for use. An interesting feature of this video editing application is that it can choose an intelligent focus area, can detect faces and automatically blur the video background.

Bluring will make an impression of the bokeh effect on your video. However, the weaknesses of the After Focus application are only able to produce videos with a duration of only 15 seconds. For you instagramers, it’s a must to try this popular application.

To get it, you can directly visit this address to download it

Download it

2. Real Bokeh – Light Effect

The latest Latest Full No Nook bokeh video application is Real Bokeh or it can also be called “Light Effect”. This video and photo editing application can provide realistic bokeh effects to videos and beautiful lighting effects.

The video bokeh museum will be better if there is a bright light in the video. The light will add to the bokeh effect increasingly visible. To try this application, you can get it on PlayStore and have to pay a fee of 24 thousand rupiah.

For the download link, directly here

3. Mago Video

This one bokeh video bokeh museum editing application has more complete features. Mago Video is one of the most preferred applications by social media users. Besides being able to provide color gradations on the video, this can also be used to edit video branding or Youtube.

One of Mago Video’s features is that it can change the video’s background and make it blurry. The results of the bokeh no sensor video obtained by this application are quite good. You can make videos well with the fast storage (export) process.

To have one, you can go to

4. Square Video

The next recommended application is Square Video. With this application you can add bokeh effects to video bokeh museum that are generally posted on Instagram. In addition, you can also choose backgrounds with different colors and more attractive.

Square video can facilitate if you want to add some songs or music to be included in the bokeh video. However, this application can only produce videos with a ratio of 1: 1 only. The resulting formats are Super HD, MP4, and 3GP.

For direct download link click

Download it

5. Music Video Editor, Cut, No Crop

If you who want to make bokeh videos there are no pieces, this application can be said to be in the best nomination to use. The resulting video bokeh museum can also be posted on any social media intact and has topnotch quality.

Besides being able to provide a bokeh blur effect on videos, this application also has Video Trim, Video Cut and Video Fit features for your creation. Each feature has a different function. To have it, simply go to the page

6. Google Camera

Google Camera was officially released by the Google company. One of the latest bokeh video bokeh museum applications is predicted to have a very good quality. This video editing application also makes it easy for you to make projects quickly.

There are several features in Google Camera that you can try. Among these are good and detailed lens blur effects, the process of importing videos into the application quickly and easily and producing HD bokeh videos of the highest quality compared to other applications.

This application can be found on PlayStore or directly click

7. Bokeh Effect Video Maker

Bokeh Effect Video Maker is not inferior to other applications that offer a variety of beautiful effects. With this application, you can improve video bokeh museum or photo lighting.

Popular features of this application include the effects of fire, starlights, blue diamond, valentine, snow, heart and many more. Other advantages can be used in offline mode. In addition, the results of the video have high quality in gif and mp4 formats.

If interested, just visit

Android Smartphone Specifications Required Full HD Bokeh Video Application

Now, making or editing bokeh videos can not only be done using a PC / Computer only. You can use an Android smartphone to be able to produce interesting videos, look professional and no less cool.

To make a video bokeh museum, you need enough space on your smartphone. This is important so that the process of producing videos can run smoothly and minimize obstacles. Typically, Androids that don’t have the right specifications will experience hang, slow and lag.

Android smartphone specifications needed for the Full HD Bokeh Video application are recommended to have 8GB ROM and 2GB RAM.

From the list of bokeh video applications above, you can get the full HD application on PlayStore or the website that provides the download link. Some are provided free, some are paid (premium version).

Further information, this Google Camera application can only be downloaded on other Google products or smartphones that are compatible with Google. Among these products is the Google Pixel or Nexus smartphone.

Now, you can download the latest Full HD No Sensor video bokeh museum. It’s time to try right away and make a cool video. The video editing application owners will certainly continue to improve and develop their applications. Also, make sure you use it for positive things.

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