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True Skate apk is a simulation of today's skateboarding game. With the presence of this one game, it will spoil the players who are fond of skateboarding.
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28 Desember 2019
Android 4.4 and Up
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True Skate apk is a simulation of today’s skateboarding game. With the presence of this one game, it will spoil the players who are fond of skateboarding. Armed with pretty good visuals, this True Skate download provides a fun and exciting surfing experience.


As a simulation game, downloading True Skate mod apk unlock all can be used as an interesting skateboarding practice. Only requires special dexterity in controlling the skate board, players can be crowned as a reliable skateboarder.

Easy to Play True Skate on a Mobile Phone

Download True Skate uptodown can be a friend’s free time for players at the same time to hone the ability to maintain body balance on the skate board. Although it is not the player who did it, and the player only uses his hands to make an attraction, but this one game is quite challenging to play.

Not only played on the field, skate boards can also be played via Android. This one game can be played anytime and anywhere because of the ease of the game. Download the latest version of True Skate can also fill the free time for players to provide entertainment.

Latest Version of True Skate

Download True Skate mod apk full skatepark is able to eradicate the boredom of the players with its various features. Very simple design. Various features can add to the playing experience. Here are some of the features available in True Skate apk:

Realistic touch

With a realistic touch, players are brought to explore the skateboarding board like they are playing real. Realistic touches were also launched to make the players as if they were playing real skateboards on the field.

Various skate park

Various kinds of skate park will accompany playing time after downloading the game True Skate apk free. The attractions of the players are supported by various attributes available such as warehouses, grinding rails with bowls, stairs, parks, and half or quarter sized pipes.

Realistic skate flick

With visual and realistic flick skates, it will provide an experience for players. With this realistic mode the player will get the movement in accordance with his wishes when downloading True Skate mod apk new version

Surveillance camera

Available camera modes that can monitor all corners of the skate park. The camera will make it easier for players to control the surrounding space and understand the skate terrain.

Smooth graphics

Launched with smooth graphics. This True Skate Game apk is able to provide the satisfaction of playing for its players. Players will be brought to feel the atmosphere of skate park which is very smooth and realistic for an exciting playing experience.

Download True Skate 1.5.12 Apk Mod Unlocked Unlimited Money

Downloading True Skate for free on the Android Play Store can indeed be done, but of course to get money users are required to play atsu instead to buy items. In downloading True Skate apkpure, users don’t need to buy items because the unlimited money feature is available.

Here is the link to download True Skate mod apk android 1.

True Skate Unlimited Money Download
Minimum Android Version 4.4
Download APK File v1.5.5
Download APK File [MOD] v1.5.12

How to Play True Skate

Maybe there are still many players who don’t know how to play from this one game. However, you need to know, it’s easy enough for players to try this game and test their skateboarding skills. Here is how to play from True Skate apk:

Download it

What should be done first, of course, download this one game first. Players only need to download this game without incurring additional costs or free

Install and login

After the game True Skate apk is downloaded completely, install the apk and log in with an account.

Choose skate park

Players will be given a choice of skate park to be played. With a variety of skate park options, players will not be easily bored and are always curious about this one game.

Finger movements to make the skate board glide

After the player is brought to the game area, the player simply moves his finger to move the skate board. Move in accordance with the wishes to slide the skate board will follow the player’s finger.

Get the best score

Play this True Skate apk game by performing various tricks and attractions to get coin combos and get the best score.

Only by requiring the touch of a finger and also balance of mind to control the skate board, the skate board will slide with player control. Try a variety of interesting challenges to test the skill of playing skateboard.

Players can play attractions such as Kickflip, Jump Up, and Backside by controlling and controlling the skate board. The advantage for players is that they don’t need to practice for real. Just install and play this skateboard simulation to try the skateboarding experience.

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