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Basically, the theme of iOs cannot be applied on the official version of Whatsapp. However, with the modified version.
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Android users who are bored with the original factory version of Whatsapp material, might want something fresher in this main messenger application. Downloading Whatsapp iPhone themes can be an interesting choice.


Basically, the theme of iOs cannot be applied on the official version of Whatsapp. However, with the modified version, the Whatsapp theme can be updated and can be similar to the iOs alias aka the clean iPhone operating system.

Below are some things that can be known related to downloading Whatsapp iphone on Android phones.

Download iPhone Whatsapp Themes feature

This modified version of Whatsapp has various advantages compared to the standard version. These advantages include:

Can hide status

Getting caught online or typing sometimes removes privacy. By downloading this iPhone-themed Whatsapp app, users can hide their status while online or typing. So, by contact, we don’t know when we will be online.

Change the shape of the letters

The letters on Whatsapp are stiff and long boring. To overcome this, sometimes users change the font from the default cellphone in Settings. However, the choice of fonts is also limited. On Whatsapp themed iOs for Android, users can also change the font as desired with interesting shapes.

Change the theme

The original iPhone theme also has a monotonous tendency. With this Whatsapp application, users can enjoy iPhone themes with very interesting touch themes, not just download white Whatsapp iPhone themes.

After downloading the Whatsapp iPhone iOs theme, there are still many advantages to be had. Additional modification features also tend to be easy to apply.

Difference between Clone and Unclone Version of Whatsapp Phone Themes Download Application

There are two types of versions on Whatsapp to download RC Fouad Whatsapp mod ios iPhone theme on Android. The first is the clone or clone version. Meanwhile, the second is an unclone alias not clone version.

What’s the difference? The cloned version is a version where users can use two Whatsapp on one device. So, users can use two numbers that are equally active Whatsapp.

Meanwhile, with the unclone version, the original Whatsapp will be replaced with this version. To use the unclone version, it’s a good idea to have important conversations on the official Whatsapp version first.

Download Whatsapp Themes Iphone Mod iOS Latest Version Cool

To be able to enjoy downloading the cool Whatsapp iPhone themes, you must download the modified Whatsapp application. Here is a link to download the iPhone for Android whatsapp mod and the Whatsapp iOs theme link

There are many themes for downloading Whatsapp themes iOs, not just white.

How to Download Whatsapp iOs for Android Themes

The steps for downloading the Whatsapp iOs for Android theme are quite easy. Here are some things that must be followed to be able to enjoy it.

Download Whatsapp modification

First of all, download Whatsapp iOs 11 for Android first, which link has been included above. Choose which version you want to use? Is it the clone version, or unclone? Choose according to your needs

Download the Whatsapp iPhone for Android theme

After downloading the Whatsapp modifications, the next is to download the Whatsapp iPhone theme script. There are several theme packages that can be chosen to replace the basic theme which is monotonous white.

Extract theme

The Whatsapp iOs theme file for Android above is .zip. To be able to use it, what can be done is to extract the theme. Extract it using the application in the Play Store for free

Open Whatsapp modification

After extracting the downloaded Whatsapp iOs 12 xml theme, it’s time to apply on Whatsapp. Click the menu with three dots. This menu is located at the top right hand corner of the application.

Select YoMods, then search for YoThemes. There will be an option to load themes available on the device. Select the theme that was extracted earlier. The only theme that can be opened is the theme download YoWhatsapp iOs 11 with XML format.

After applying all the steps above, now the phone can use Whatsapp with the theme of iOs even though the version is Android.

Downloading Whatsapp iPhone themes is highly recommended to make your phone more colorful. In addition, the size is not too large so it will not burden the cell phone even though the clone model.

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