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Dizzy all day thinking about the task? Want refreshing out of the house, but there are no friends.
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29 Desember 2019
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Dizzy all day thinking about the task? Want refreshing out of the house, but there are no friends. Want to make sleep very difficult, the eyes continue to awake. Better to download SimCity Buildlt


Don’t worry, SimCity Buildlt is a game that can be used to refresh the brain from those piled up tasks. The game is indeed one of those games that can be used to fill your free time. Lots of excitement offered when playing this game.

Overview of SimCity Buildlt

SimCity buildlt is a simulation game to build cities with players who are leaders or mayors. In addition to building large and rich cities, SimCity Buildlt Mod Apk also makes specialties and needs of citizens. Creating clinics and city services that save people from fires and other disasters.

So, the task is to build vacant land that has been obtained by becoming a city completely with various kinds of facilities needed by the citizens. The decisions and choices used must be smart to keep the city stable and pleasant so that it can attract its citizens.

SimCity Buildlt features

When Downloading SimCity Buildlt, a lot of features offered as play facilities. Here are the SimCity Buildlt Mod features:

No Need to Access SimCity BuildIt Root

This mod version does not require rooting the device.

Connect to Facebook

Even though this is a modded version, it can still log in and connect to the user’s account and synchronize the progress of the SimCity Buildlt Apk Mod game.

Unlimited Resources in Simcity BuildIt Games

The golden key will get unlimited. Likewise with Platinum keys, Simoleon, NeoSimoleon, SimCash, coins, and unlimited cash so you can buy anything you want.

Buildings That Have Been Built on SimCity BuildIt

Most of the Simcity BuildIt buildings have been built and upgraded to the highest level.

Full Happiness at SimCity BuildIt

A city already built will have a 100% happiness rate.

Omega Building

All buildings and resources are upgraded to the omega level.

Massive Population

The city that was successfully built has a population of 8 million inhabitants.

How to Play SimCity Buildlt

It is very important to know how to play SimCity buildlt apk so that the development of the city is smooth and makes citizens happy with these developments. Here is how to play SimCity apk:

Make a housing complex

The first step that can be used is to create a housing complex. Namely by selecting the image of the house located on the screen at the right edge and then dragging the image of the house to the desired location. If the complex is green, it means that construction can be carried out on the complex. If it is red, it must be moved to another location.

Build Public Facilities and Services

The next step is to keep the city alive with facilities and services. Build skyscrapers, factories, parks. Then make a water tower or irrigation service, city hall, power plant and other buildings. Build facilities and services in strategic places.

Keeping the People Happy

This makes SimCity Buildlt Cheats have obstacles in an area or city that solve challenges during a disaster. Such as traffic, air pollution, and fire. By providing the best facilities and services.

Tips to Get Rich Quick to Play SimCity Biuldit

After knowing how to play the next thing to do is knowing SimCity Buildlt Tips. Which can be used to devise good strategies to get rich quick.

Increase population

The more people the more taxes you will get. This is in accordance with the purpose of SimCity Buildlt Hack, which is to create as much population as possible and keep it happy to move to another city. With more and more taxes that are obtained it can be ascertained if the funds that come in will be plenty too. The funds can be used to beautify the city.

No Need to Pay Costs for Road Construction or Building Relocation

This can be done by resetting the layout of the city at any time and moving tall buildings will not be damaged.

Visit the Neighboring City to Buy Cheap Materials

Try to find lots of relationships with other players in this simulation game, then visit their city occasionally to see the tranding post. This method can be done to obtain materials quickly and cheaply.

Download SimCity Buildlt

To have SimCity buildlt you have to prepare enough space. Because SimCity Cheat has a large size. Here is a link that you can use to Download SimCity Nuildlt Apk Mod.

Download SimCity Buildlt Apk + Mod (Money / Coins / Key) Download Simcity Buildit Apk File v1.29.89288
Download Simcity Buildit Mod Apk v1.29.89288
Download Simcity Buildit Mega Mod v1.29.89288
100MB size

That was the way you can do to have SimCity Buildlt Version Apk downloaded + Mod (Money / Coins / Key).

With the download of SimCity Mod Apk Latest Versj, enjoy the free days by building a big city by prioritizing happiness for its residents.

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