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28 Desember 2019
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If you are a gamer who wants to play games with the action genre, but haven’t found an application that doesn’t require an internet connection? Don’t worry, now also download the latest Satria Garuda Bima X Mod offline Apk on your Android.


What is Satria Garuda Bima X Mod Offline?

Currently, the development of Android-based games is very fast because it is favored by various groups ranging from children to adults. Moreover, if the game application can be played for free without an internet quota alias offline.

This game was first launched in July 2015 with the target audience is children and adolescents. Inside there is the main character of Superhero Satria Garuda Bima X who is already well known in Indonesia as a hero figure.

This game shows a fierce battle between many characters contained in it, such as the monster Azzelot and Bachyura and the hero Bima X with a visual display that is more attractive to gamers.

The more enemies and levels passed, you will get a few points in order to upgrade your chosen hero. With this mod version, all locked games will open automatically.

How to Download and Install Satria Garuda Bima X Mod Offline

This offline game application is usually downloaded directly on an Android smartphone because it is already available on PlayStore. However, it is different from the Mod version, which is:

1. Open your Android smartphone.

2. Make sure it is connected to the internet.

3. Open and just download below.

4. In the box “Satria Garuda Bima X Mod latest apk offline” and after it appears then click.

5. Don’t turn off cellular data before the application is downloaded.

6. Wait until the process is complete.

Please note the download file size of this game is 18MB. However, when the installation process is carried out, the size will be enlarged to 40 MB. After successfully installing and running for the first time, you are asked to download complementary data of 40 MB.

Unlike other games that store data in the form of OBB files on an SD card, this application prefers to place it in the internal memory of the smartphone or tablet that is being used.

Features of Satria Garuda Bima X Mod Offline Apk

This game gives the feel of a fight that is quite fun for its users. In the game, you must guard and anticipate when battles occur to win resistance using existing features.

The following are the features provided by the Satria Garuda Bima X Mod offline game that will spoil and entertain you on exciting adventures:

1. Offline Single Player Mode

In this mode, you will be given a difficulty level of several levels and given a choice of characters to use to play. In it also can choose hero figures, enemies and monsters according to the difficulty level of each.

2. Single Player Arcade Mode

You as a player must fight 8 enemies to win the game. At each level, opponents will be given stronger than before. So, it definitely takes a long time to complete this mode.

3. Challenge Mode

This is the heaviest level than before. Here, you are asked to complete area by area on several levels. Each level will have a specific goal that must be played to enter the next section.

In playing Challenge Mode, maybe the energy you have will be drained. This is because they have to solve it with very little time. In this game there are also unique challenges that will test your patience, such as having to defeat an enemy with a duration of less than 99 seconds.

4. VS Mode

When using it, there is a feature to invite friends to fight one on one. Opponents who can be chosen automatically or friends. To fight friends directly, you need to be connected with Bluetooth installed on each Android.

5. Option

This last feature functions to make settings. However, not many things can be done for the appearance of the game. Only the sound and graphics in low or high quality performances can be adjusted.

How to Play the Satria Garuda Bima X Mod Offline Game

This game Satria Garuda Bima X Mod Offline has several types that have the features and advantages of each. There are 2 types of older versions that you can play, namely Satria Garuda Bima 1.12 and Satria Garuda Bima 1.0.40.

However, for how to play it the same and quite easy. As:

1. Open the Satria Garuda Bima X Game application on your Android smartphone.

2. Then, wait for the process until the main menu selection window opens.

3. Select the menu you want to play which includes single mode, multiplayer mode or challenge mode.

4. If you have determined click one of the available mode options.

5. Then, play the game correctly based on time.

In playing it, the gamer’s skill will determine success and victory. Especially if the enemy is strong enough and troublesome. For you who are still a beginner, use the mode with the lowest level.

Required Smartphone Specifications

This game is one of the good choices recommended because it contains original Indonesian content. In addition, the version can be downloaded offline, so it won’t waste your quota.

To play the Satria Garuda Bima game, not just any Android smartphone can be used. Certain specifications are required to be able to run it without any constraints.

To download this application, have a minimum capacity of Random Access Memory (RAM) of 2 GB and Read Only Memory (ROM) of at least 8 GB and an empty internal of 100 MB, because the file size of this game is quite large for the size of an Android smartphone.

In addition, your Android must also use the operating system version 4.2 (Jelly bean) or above. This is so that users do not experience broken games (lag). Although sometimes this game can be used with smartphone criteria below.

The advantages of Satria Garuda Bima X Mod Offline Apk

Unlike similar applications that have a standard version, the Satria Garuda Bima game contains a “Mod” where you can play with your heart’s content. This is because all the features that can be open all without having to win some games in it.

For the menu that is owned is also more complete and upgraded from the older version. In this game, several “bugs” have been fixed, so there are no obstacles when playing it.

The more attractive graphics also spoil their use so they feel more at home. Not only that, the skills possessed are also further enhanced.

Thus the review of the latest download Satria Garuda Bima X Mod Offline Apk inspired by the services of article writers in Indonesia. In playing it, you must be more patient and use the best strategy in fighting. This is done in order to win all the available levels.

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