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Download Plants Vs Zombie V2 7.8.1 The latest Apk Mod and enjoy the thrill of fighting Zombie attacks by planting various types of plants.
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27 Desember 2019
Android 4.0 and Up

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Download Plants Vs Zombie V2 7.8.1 The latest Apk Mod and enjoy the thrill of fighting Zombie attacks by planting various types of plants. Take advantage of a variety of unlimited features that can be used to make it easier for players to reach the peak of victory.


Review the Latest Plants Vs Zombie V2 Game

Plants vs Zombie Game is the most phenomenal Tower Defense Puzzle game in the whole world. This game successfully conjured millions of gamers with a unique concept of simple animation and fun and challenging gameplay.

Plants vs Zombies is divided into 3 worlds with different themes. Starting from the theme of the ancient machine age to the theme of cowboys. Each world usually consists of 20 levels, but not all levels can be directly played. There are several gates that must be opened using a key.

This key can be obtained from regular play, so it’s easier to get it using the Plants vs Zombie Mod version. Because here players can get a variety of free features that can be used without limits, for example the amount of sun to buy various plants.

How to Download Plants Vs Zombie V2 Latest Version

Download Link’s:
Download APK File v7.8.1 Coming Soon ..
Download the APK file [Mod] v7.8.1
Download DATA File v7.8.1
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Game Plants vs Zombie version 2 has several updates on some of its features. One of the most striking is in the plant. In addition, the graphics of this game are also sharper when compared to the previous version.

To enjoy the features of this game for free, make sure you download the application via the link below. By using the Apk from this link, players can enjoy unlimited sun features so that they can easily get to the next level.

Before downloading the application, be sure to follow the steps below.

1. Prepare an Android phone with sufficient RAM and ROM specifications.

2. Download Plants Vs Zombie V2 7.8.1 Latest Apk Mod via the link above. Games downloaded via this link are the result of modifications so that everything is set up in such a way that players can enjoy various features for free without limits.

3. Wait until the download process is complete perfectly and make sure the network is used smoothly so that the file is not damaged in the middle of the download process.

4. Make sure the apk file is saved in the download folder.

5. Then install the application correctly so that the application can be installed perfectly in the main menu.

Plants vs Zombie V2 game also comes with a more diverse setting with additional features. So that makes the gameplay look more different. By downloading the latest version, you can better feel the tension and everything feels more real.

How to Install Plants Vs Zombie V2

After the download is complete, the application cannot be played immediately. There is still an installation process that must be passed. However, don’t worry because the steps are very easy. To be installed perfectly in the main menu, several stages must be passed namely;

1. Open the download folder and look for the Apk file.

2. Then, install the application and check the Unknown Source page.

3. Install the application by pressing the green button labeled Agree and Continue.

4. Wait a few moments until the installation is complete.

5. Done and now the game can be enjoyed as much.

Features in Game Plants Vs Zombie V2

Features in this game Plants vs Zombies are very diverse. What makes the Mod version different is that users can play all the features comfortably without obstacles. So the chance to win is very wide open.

Among the features in this game include;

1. The sun, in its Mod version the sun will grow and can be harvested quickly. So, players can use it to buy various types of plants.

2. Stores, providing a variety of the best equipment to increase chances of winning.

3. Gardens, to save plants as a reward from the game.

4. Various plants to strengthen the fortress.

5. Various types of the latest zombies will try to destroy the defense and try to enter the garden owner’s house.

6. 3 Types of games, namely adventure, puzzle and also mini games.

7. Conquer zombies in 50 levels of Adventure mode, divided into day, night and fog modes. Either at the pool or on the roof.

8. Generate 49 super-strong annual plants and collect coins to buy snails as pets, power-ups and more.

9. Funny graphics, unique soundtracks and music videos as a bonus.

How to Play the Plants Vs Zombie V2 Game for Beginners

This game can be said as a game with very simple navigation. However, some challenges to deal with zombie attacks is one of the tense things. For beginners, here are some tips and ways to play:

1. Enter the application and fill in some player data in accordance with the instructions listed.

2. Choose some plants to ward off from zombie attacks, here you must enter the sun because this sun will be used to buy all plants as a defense or attack tool.

3. If so, click continue and plant the selected plants.

4. If the zombies come out, the plant will automatically put out all its abilities.

5. Collect as much sun as possible and build your stronghold as far as possible.

6. If a zombie can be defeated, then the next level will automatically open and the player will get money as a reward.

7. Collect this money to buy various equipment in the shop features. This equipment will also support players to more easily reach the peak of victory.

8. Continue to the next level.

As an important tip, don’t use the sun when it’s at night. But use mushrooms because the results will be able to be harvested faster. In addition, plant the plant in two rows so that supplies will always be there to buy other attacking plants.

Smartphone Specifications for Downloading Plants Vs Zombie Games

The Plants vs Zombie Mod version game application can only be enjoyed by Android users only. The type of android used is also not arbitrary because this apk can only support a minimum of Android version 3.0 (Gingerbread), ARMv7 1.0 Ghz or higher and phones with 1 GB of RAM.

So that the game feels smooth when played, make sure you have enough RAM and ROM available to install this application. Considering the application reaches 500MB. It is feared that if the phone memory is full, the game might lag in the middle of the game.

So, to be able to enjoy this application smoothly and without obstacles, first pay attention to your mobile specifications. If so, then the application can be directly downloaded using a special link as provided.

With various features renewed therein, download Plants Vs Zombie V2 5.5.1 This latest Mod Apk is very worth trying. Simple gameplay and also exciting sensations offered, make game lovers feel like addicted.

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