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21 Desember 2019
Android 4.1 and Up

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Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World are first-person shooting games created by Alex Krasnov. This game has a lot of content, including weapons, maps, armor, gadgets, and much more. Users can download Pixel Gun 3D to feel the excitement and challenges in carrying out every mission in the game.

Pixel Gun 3D This game is suitable to be played by users who want to feel how to shoot objects without having to do it with a real gun. Moreover, using a real gun cannot be carelessly done by everyone. For this reason, playing Pixel Gun 3D games can be a safe alternative.


Besides being able to download Android 3D Pixel Gun, this game can also be downloaded and played on mac and PC devices. Playing Pixel Gun 3D Mac or for PC is no less exciting by playing it on android.

Pixel Gun 3D feature

Adding to the excitement in playing it, by downloading Pixel Gun 3D, users will be spoiled with a variety of cool features. Just set the strategy and win the game. Here are some features that can be enjoyed from this game.

Large selection of weapons
With so many variations of weapons provided, users can choose the one that is considered the most suitable to complete the mission. Each weapon has different abilities, ranging from the results of shots that have an impact on damage to the object to have a different time charging bullets.

Diverse Game Modes
At least, there are 6 game modes from Pixel Gun 3D mod apk as described below.

Battle Team
By working with a team, try to eliminate the opposing team. Users must shoot more objects than the opposing team.

Users must fight everyone to occupy the position of champion one on the leaderboard.

Coop Survival
In this mode, the user must randomly eliminate several monsters with other players. This is a very competitive mode because only one player with the highest score will get a reward.

Zone Control
This mode is played as a team. The team must get three points on the map, be able to score the highest score, and maintain points until time runs out.

Deadly Games
In this game mode, players must eliminate all players in the game by using weapons that can be found in crates scattered on the map.

Capture Flag
In Flag Capture mode, the player must take the opponent’s flag while protecting its own flag.

Actually, there is also a clans mode, but can only be played by players who have been friends with each other and send an invitation to the clans first.

Pixel Gun 3D has an interesting game map. Most are original maps, while others refer to video games and films.

Users can customize the character by choosing skin color, shoes that each have a special effect, robes that also have special effects, masks, hats, and weapons.

However, not all of these customizations can be obtained free of charge. To be able to open the access limit, users will be asked to pay.

No need to worry, by downloading Unblocked Pixel Gun 3D, all limited access can be opened for free, including customization.

Download Pixel Gun 3D 17.1.1 Apk Mod Unlimited Bullets
To get full access for free, users can download Pixel Gun 3D, both download Pixel Gun 3D for PC Windows 10 and Android. Here is the download link of Pixel Gun 3D 17.1.1 apk for android.

After downloading this Pixel Gun 3D download, users can experience unlimited shooting games. Playing it can also occupy free time rather than doing something else negative.

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