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My singing monsters game will have several kinds of monsters that can be played. In this latest version there will be around 82 monsters.
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27 Desember 2019
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My singing monsters is a pretty cool game. Where this game will focus on collecting and hatching monster eggs. You could say this game is different from games with other genres. Using my singing monsters mod apk will feel the sensation of playing games with funny monsters. Where monsters will sing and dance in this game.


By downloading the game my singing monsters all monsters will get a fun game. Using real money to buy coins, food and diamonds will make this game even more fun. Players can also to fight various monsters in the game. There are several types of monsters that are distinguished by type.

Kinds of Monsters in My Singing Monsters Game

My singing monsters game will have several kinds of monsters that can be played. In this latest version there will be around 82 monsters. Starting from monsters that are purchased through the market or must be from hatching eggs. Each monster will have a unique sound. The sound of my singing monsters characters will contribute to a song. By gathering any monsters there will be able to make a song that is quite unique.

Later there will be a time machine that is useful to slow or speed up the tempo even recording to get a song from the sound of monsters. So the more collecting monsters the more interesting. Here are the kinds of monsters that exist in the MSM game.MSM: Natural Monster

After hatching my singing monsters eggs will get the basic creature in this MSM game. For this type of monster will have five basic elements. Starting from the elements of earth, air, water, ice and plants. So each monster has only one element.

MSM: Duobel Element Monster

In the MSM game there will be monsters from the crossing of a single element. Namely the double element monster. This type is the result of natural monster crossing. Monsters will have a multiplying element. The success rate will be 100% for hatching eggs.

MSM: Three Element Monsters

Then, by playing on my singing monsters mod apk unlimited money and gems it is able to get monsters with 3 elements. Monsters of this type can be obtained by crossing between one natural monster and one double monster. Please note that monsters of this type are quite difficult to breed. If done in the way above, then the percentage to get 3 elements is quite difficult. But it can be developed more quickly by crossing 4 elements. Or by using Ethereal monsters.

MSM: Quad Element Monsters

Then by downloading my singing monsters mod apk, there will be types of monsters that can be generated. This type has already been alluded to above. This monster will be obtained by breeding from natural monsters and triple element monsters. Or it could be from two double element monsters. But of course it will be quite difficult to do. However, the percentage will be higher by crossing triple elements with natural elements.

MSM: Esthereal Monster

This monster is a special type of game my singing monsters mod 2019. It can be said that this type of monster is a monster that has a special element. The element of this monster will also be adjusted to the place where he lives. This monster has several types of elements, namely, shadow, plasma, mech, poison and krital. The percentage to get this monster will be very small. Only about 1%. So this game will be more interesting with this type of monster.

About My Singing Monsters Game

This game will be done very easily but is fun. There are separate features to get the type of monster above. Dengen has a lot of monsters that will create a song that is quite interesting. After getting the game my singing monsters free download just to try to incubate monster eggs. How to hatch eggs can be done like the steps below.

Generate and Hatch Telus Monsters

Breeding Structure is a place to get monster eggs. This place can be obtained by buying it in the market. After getting this place it can produce eggs to incubate monsters with various elements. Later, the eggs will be hatched in Enhanced Nursery found in each island. Opportunities to get new types can also be obtained by hatching eggs.

The challenge to be faced is that breeding may not necessarily be able to produce new types of eggs. Then the selection of elements will be a special blend to get new monsters. Another way is to enter the main monster to create a new type.

Interested in playing this game? Then just download my singing monsters mod apk using the link below.

Download the game My Singing Monster

That was the discussion about an exciting game to play. If you are interested to feel the sensation of this game just download my singing monsters mod using the link that is available above. Have a nice play.

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