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Currently, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication media. In general, this application is identical with everything in green.
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27 Desember 2019
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Currently, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication media. In general, this application is identical with everything in green. However, now you can download the latest Freemium v8.10 JiMODs WhatsApp Apk which has a blue color. Curious? Following the review


Review JiMODs WhatsApp Apk v8.10

JiMODs WhatsApp is an application that is also in demand by many groups. The majority of them want to be different from the official version of WhatsApp users. So far, many Mod versions have sprung up and have been developed by several parties to eliminate the user’s boredom about how they look.

Therefore, some WhatsApp developers from third parties create new things. WhatsApp Mod that you heard all this time belonged to a developer named Jimtech. Jimtech and the team developed WhatsApp Mod into WhatsApp JiMODs in blue, both in appearance and icon.

Lots of advantages gained from WhatsApp Mod. One of them is very supportive of anti-blocking and anti-banned features. In addition, Jimtech and his team are also diligent in updating applications with various features and qualities that increasingly make users feel at home using WhatsApp JiMODs.

Featured Features Available on JiMODs WhatsApp Apk v8.10

WhatsApp created by Jimtech includes applications that are one step ahead. Apart from the merging of anti-banning and anti-block systems, WhatsApp JiMODs also has a different appearance with various advantages, such as:

1. Change the Display Color

Some users are often bored with the appearance of WhatsApp colors. This gave Jimtech the opportunity to develop his WhatsApp JiMODs application. It allows users to improvise their WhatsApp views easily.

If you are among those who get bored easily, with this feature you can change the color of the WhatsApp application as you wish. You can change the background color and header color. This is certainly different from the official WhatsApp which only has a characteristic green color.

2. Larger Video Size with Long Duration

If using WhatsApp in the general version, users can only send or share videos with a limited duration and a maximum size of 16MB. You cannot extend the duration of the video or increase its capacity.

If you use WhatsApp JiMODs, the video to be sent can be longer in duration and the size can reach 50MB. That way, it makes it easy for users and becomes one of the advantages that WhatsApp users like.

3. Status Appears Automatically in Conversation Display (chat)

This WhatsApp application will make it easy for users to manage everything that is public or privacy. You can manage information related to personal matters easily through the features in it.

Another advantage of JiMODs is that it can automatically display a person’s contact status just by opening a chat view. So, to see the status, you don’t need to see the profile first.

3. Higher Image Quality

The problem that is often experienced by users is that the image quality decreases when sent using WhatsApp. Many people prefer to use other applications that are easier and do not reduce the quality of sending images.

Good news for you WhatsApp users. The JiMODs application has superior features while maintaining image quality for other users. Thus, the image remains at its original size and is of high quality. In addition, this application can reduce noise on images / photos.

4. Change the Font Color

Are you bored with the monotonous black font on WhatsApp? This feature provides facilities for users to be able to change the font color as they wish. JiMODs present a more unique, elegant and attractive appearance.

Not only that, you can also enter different font colors according to taste in unread messages, both private messages and messages in groups. Interesting thing to try right?

5. Can Change the Theme Display

Another interesting thing that you should try from this application is the appearance of the WhatsApp theme that can be changed. This feature gives users easy access to create a more interesting and pleasant atmosphere.

Jimtech uses this to steal some social media users from looking at their applications. He knows, that the public / user always likes new things that are fresh and different.

Download and Install JiMODs WhatsApp Apk v8.10

Download the Apk at the following link https://jimods.com/whatsapp-plus-jimods-v8-12-jimtechs-editions/, then do the installer:

1. Back up the Message

The first step you need to do is back up the conversation on the official version of WhatsApp to Google Drive. How, open the WhatsApp application, enter the settings (settings), select the Chats menu, then select Backup. Make sure and check that the backup process is successful.

2. Activate Unknown Sources on the Android Smartphone

Next you need to activate an unknown source on Android. You do this by opening the settings (settings) on the device, then go to “security” and checklist Unknown Source Source.

3. Install JiMODs WhatsApp v.8.10

After activating an unknown source, press the “Agree And Continue” button. After the application is installed, open and enter and verify your telephone number. Don’t forget to press “restore lastet backup” to restore conversation data. Wait for the backup process to completely finish.

4. Enter your Name and Profile Photo

The last step is to enter the name and photo profile as a user. This will make it easier for you to provide information or views of WhatsApp account owners to other users’ friends.

Other Similar Applications

If you feel bored with the JiMODs WhatsApp Apk v8.10 application, you can try this application:

1. GBWhatsApp Pro

Many users like the GBWhatapp application. No wonder so many versions of GBWhatsApp have been modified by different developers. GBWhatsApp released another version commonly known as GBWhatsApp Pro. The latest version is v7.00.

2. WhatsApp Plus MOD

WhatsApp Plus MOD is an application that was originally modified by Official Plus and continued by SAM MODs. Currently, this application is in the latest version v8.00 which was uploaded on September 9, 2019 yesterday, with a file size of 28MB.

3. GBWhatsApp Unofficial

GBWhatsApp Unofficial is a kind of JiMODs WhatsApp application. This application was modified by FouadMOD. The latest version of GBWhatsApp Unofficial is v8.0, which was published on September 6, 2019 with a file size of 53MB.

4. GBWhatsApp Anti Banned

GBWhatsApp is WhatsApp modified by GBMODs. The latest version of GBWhatsApp is v9.65, which was updated on September 11, 2019 with an application file that is 47MB in size.

5. GBWhatsApp MiNi

The GBWhatsApp MiNi application was modified by Sam. One of its advantages is that it has a small and lightweight size. The latest version of GBWhatsApp MiNi is v7.00. Updated July 11, 2019 with an application file that is only 22.94 MB.

6. WhatsApp Plus JiMODs

WhatsApp Plus JiMODs is an application issued by JiMODs. This application comes with several package options that can be installed on WhatsApp.com or gbWhatsApp.com. The latest version is v8.00 which was published on 10 September 2019 with a file size of 60MB.

After learning how to download the latest Freemium v8.10 JiMODs Apk. With so many advantages that exist in the application, you have to try the latest breakthrough of this one WhatsApp application.

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