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Instagram is a social networking application that is widely used by people in Indonesia and around the world. In addition, the Instagram application also has various features, such as Instastory, IG Tv, and many others
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28 Juny 2021
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Instander Apk – Instagram is a social networking application that is widely used by people in Indonesia and around the world. In addition, the Instagram application also has various features, such as Instastory, IG Tv, and many others. And one of the most filter-generating applications today. So, it’s no wonder that Instagram is so crazy by most people. In terms of users, it is also very diverse, and world-famous artists also use the Instagram application.


But, basically Instagram has many shortcomings that some of its users find less attractive, for example the Download feature. What we do know is that this feature is not available in the Instagram application. Therefore, to overcome this, it has attracted the attention of modders to change it to a modified form, namely the Instander apk which is the subject of discussion on social media today.

Instander apk is one of the many Instagram mods created. And the Instander apk has enough complete features that you can use for your own needs. Like, in terms of privacy, downloads and others. Therefore, you should see the review below.

What is Instander Apk

Instander Apk is a modified version of the Instagram mod application that has various interesting and cool features that cannot be found on the original Instagram version. This application offers a variety of convenience to use, such as optimizing the menu. Instander apk developed by The Dise.

This application is much sought after by Instagram users, because it can provide what they need. Moreover, millennials, who are mostly users of Instagram themselves. Like most other mod applications, this application will not be found in the Playstore or App store. And for more details, please read the explanation below.

As previously discussed, this mod application has many interesting and cool features that you can’t get on the original version of Instagram. You will get all the conveniences if you use this mod application.

Then what are the collection of interesting features in the Instander Apk? Here’s the explanation below.


The Instander application allows you to download images or videos without the need to use third-party applications or visit other browser sites. Because, this application has provided a download button that is useful for you to download various photos or videos that you like.

Ghost Mode

What’s interesting about this app is the ghost mode. You can activate ghost mode in three options, namely, as follows.

Other users will not be able to see the status, when we are typing a message
Users will not be able to know, if we have watched their story
Lastly, users won’t be able to tell, when we read their messages.
And the ghost mode is very useful for you to see the instastory of other Instagram users without worrying about getting caught.


Privacy here, is useful for disabling ads that continue to appear and annoy you. Suitable for those of you who do business, then you can disable analysis or remove traces.

Quality Improvement

Before uploading a video story, there will be an increase that you can set yourself up to 12 mbps. This is useful for maximizing the quality of the uploaded photo or video size.

No Ads

In the Instander apk you can block the permission to show ads that you think are annoying. Because this application is equipped with an Ad-Blocker feature, you can allow or block the serving of these ads freely. You can find this feature in the settings menu in the privacy section.


Then you can set your own gestures, or the activities you do in this application. Like zoom, photo, like photo and others. And there are three options in this application, namely Double tap, long tap and Swipe to navigate.

Setting Mode

The setting mode that can be found is the original setting of the Instander apk itself, you can find it in the profile menu. And one more thing, Developer options, which is in the home menu, you can press and hold it for just a few seconds.

How to Activate Features In Instander Apk
And to activate the feature in the Instander application is very easy, just follow the steps below.

First, open the Stander app
Then, login using your existing Instagram account, or by creating a new one
After that, go to the profile in the lower right corner of the application
Next, select the three-dot line menu
And you can see the menu or feature set. Decide which features to activate according to your needs
However, you should use a new account to start using the Instander apk, to avoid something you don’t want.


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