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When the user downloads this one mod hempire game, the user will have a garden and can plant it with several plants in it.
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27 Desember 2019
Android 4.1 and Up
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Download the Hempire Plant Growing Game and hurry to start the game. This one game app is a simulation game that has a genre of farming or gardening.


When the user downloads this one mod hempire game, the user will have a garden and can plant it with several plants in it. Then from the results of the plant the user can sell it. So, it’s clear this mod hempire is perfect for those who like farming games.

So when starting to download the game hempire mod apk, the player will have a small plot of land. But don’t be discouraged because players can quickly build a huge cannabis empire, more powerful and beautiful than what is shown in the trailer. Especially with good graphics, it’s so difficult to distinguish the game world and the real world.

Hempire Plant Growing Game Latest Version Features

Some of the features found in the hempire mod apk 2019 are quite interesting for simulation games. Not surprisingly, many people are addicted when playing.

The features that can be enjoyed are as follows:

Come on grow

In the latest version of hempire mod apk, users can grow hempire like plants in a garden, adjusting existing weed buds with unlimited potential.

Plant and adapt popular weed lines such as Northern Lights, Hindu Kash, Jack Herer and many more.

Use the laboratory to breed and find new strains and stay on top of the industry.

Find your favorite strains and grow some good shoots.

Turn weed farming into a thriving business. With this, you can get many benefits. Benefits can be used for business upgrades and of course buying items.

Build a cannabis company

How do you build an international scale cannabis company on the hempire mod apk android 1?

Repair and upgrade lighting and generator equipment as the business grows. Complete the transaction to unlock new features and strains. Create a large company and can produce marijuana optimally and in large quantities.

Making cannabis products

Make cannabis extracts such as hashes, creams, hemp and other weed goods that can be enjoyed. Trade and sell weeds for profit. Starting from one shoot and growing your business, your hempire becomes a multibillion-dollar company.

Make money and make profits

Sell ??your product at the pharmacy to get big cash. Invest money in local businesses and real estate to get net worth.

Multi player competition

Join the Hempire Cup and compete with other players. Invite friends to chat and play at your company.

The advantages of the Hempire Plant Growing Game

Why is the happymod Hempire Plant game highly recommended? Here are some reasons.

The game has good graphics, looks dark but is very good and matches the theme of the game.
It’s easy to get unlimited diamonds and money in this game.
Challenging. There are missions that must be followed in order for the company to grow
Requires calculation. To be able to develop a business here, you need careful calculations.
Download the Hempire Plant Growing Game v1.23.7 ??Mod Apk VIP

If you are looking to download the game hempire plant growing game mod apk, then here is the place. Maybe users can download hempire mod apk 1.21 5 on Play Store. However, through this link, users can get unlimited money which makes cannabis companies grow rapidly.

In addition, by using this link, users will automatically download the happy mall story mod apk unlimited golds and diamonds.

How to Play the Hempire Plant Growing Game Game

How do you play this game? If you are accustomed to playing Harvest Moon, Hay Day, and so on, the basics of the game play can be understood without the need to feel difficulties.

The user must focus as a marijuana farmer, considering that in this game marijuana is assumed to be 100% legal.

The user must monitor the plants and water them while doing other tasks. If you water the plants properly, you can get a bonus of five buds. Five of these shoots are very decent to be able to enlarge the cannabis garden.

Users can choose a number of agreements or tasks with good rewards. Most of the cash and some hardware such as boards and nails needed to expand the warehouse.

In short, it’s better to do the offer in return for an item than cash, unless the user really needs it. The reason is, these items are more useful in building the kingdom of cannabis.

Do you already know how to run this virtual cannabis company? Feel the excitement and definitely be addicted, because this game makes users feel how the challenges of building a plantation company.

Live the dream of running a cannabis kingdom and plant tycoon. Forge partnerships, find new friends and most importantly win the Hempire Cup in this cool game with Download Hempire Plant Growing Game, let’s grow!

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