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For modified WhatsApp users, surely you are familiar with the name Fouad WhatsApp, right? The WA Mod application is the main focus of Fouad Mods Official in developing the WA redesign application.
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18 April 2021
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For modified WhatsApp users, surely you are familiar with the name Fouad WhatsApp, right? The WA Mod application is the main focus of Fouad Mods Official in developing the WA redesign application.


No wonder the quality of this modded version of WhatsApp is always good. It is proven that this application has advantages in terms of features. Because many people are interested in using this WhatsApp. So, if you are curious about Fouad Wa, let’s see the full review below.

Fouad WhatsApp features

As mentioned above, this application has a myriad of interesting and cool features that are not even necessarily on the official WhatsApp.

So, rather than you are curious about what its features are, it’s better to immediately see the explanation, including:

1. Security Features

For those of you who are the type of person who doesn’t like the chat or chat being seen by other people. So using official WhatsApp is not the solution. But if you use the WA Mod application, this is of course perfect.

Because this application provides security features. Where with this feature you can lock the chat or chat, so that it is not seen or read by other people.

Or rather, you can be more flexible in chatting with someone without worrying about being snooped on by other people or friends who are mischievous and irresponsible.

2. Set Home Screen Wallpaper and Change Display

The next feature that you cannot find on the official WA application is that you can set the main screen wallpaper and change the appearance.

By using the application, you can use both of these features. Even the number of themes contained in the application there are a lot, around 100.

Not only that, this application also provides several types of emojis and stickers that you can add to your chats.

3. Anti Delete Message

If you ask how to view wa messages that have been deleted? Then the answer is in Fouad MODS. Because this application provides an interesting feature, namely anti-delete messages.

That way, you can still see the message even though it’s been deleted by the sender. No wonder many people start using this application.

4. Online Status Feature

The next feature that many WhatsApp users want is the online status feature. Where with this feature its use can hide online status from WA contacts.

And vice versa, where users can activate this feature to make it appear online even though WhatsApp is offline.

So, Fouad WhatsApp is your solution if you want to use this cool feature. The reason is that on the official WhatsApp you won’t find this feature.

5. Hide Typing

Although typing status is actually a very trivial thing, many people want to be able to set it so that it is not visible.

If in official WA, make sure you can’t manage it. But it is different if you use this WhatsApp Mod.

Where this application already provides a hiding feature while typing. So you can manage. So even though you are typing the later will not be seen.

6. Anti Banned

For those of you who are afraid to use the WhatsApp Mod application because it is blocked, from now on that feeling can be removed.

The problem is that by using the Fouad WhatsApp application you will not be easily banned. Because this application has embedded the Anti Banned feature.

So you can use this application calmly. Especially if you frequently update this application if there is an update, it will be much safer.

7. Changing the Display

This WhatsApp Mod also provides several theme options and font types that you can use, one of them as you wish. That way the appearance of this application can be according to your wishes.

With this feature, it certainly won’t quickly make you bored with WhatsApp’s appearance that’s just like that. In addition, this application also provides several types of stickers and emojis that can add to your excitement in chatting.

8. 7 Minute Video Status

For those of you who have a hobby of sharing long videos on the story, it won’t be able to be done on official WhatsApp, instead the video will be cut.

But it’s different, if you use Fouad WhatsApp. With this application you can share long video story stories, even up to 7 minutes without being cut.

9. Send Multiple Images

The next feature that cannot be done on official WhatsApp is sending a large number of images.

But with you using this WhatsApp Mod, you can do it, the number of images that can be sent at once in one message is 90 images.

Download Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad Mods is one of the developers who is active in updating the application. Currently, the version of Fouad WA is the same as FM WA, which is 8.86.

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