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As time goes on, the game on a smartphone always undergoes an update. But for a video game about soccer, FIFA Mobile is still the champion.
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As time goes on, the game on a smartphone always undergoes an update. But for a video game about soccer, FIFA Mobile is still the champion. Many gamers have chosen this game. For that immediately Download the FIFA Mobile Game.


Feel the excitement of playing the Latest FIFA Mobile Apk and it is certain that by playing the game time will not be wasted for free. Can also be used for refresing after tired activities.

Reviews of FIFA Mobile Games

FIFA Mobile Game is one of the many free-to-play games. This game has two types of games, which are full game and mini game. The games available in the mini game are penalties, one-on-one against goalkeepers, dribble fights against opposing players, and many more depending on what event is chosen.

FIFA Mobile Apk was developed by EA Mobile and EA Canada and published by EA Sports for iOS and Android. Every event on FIFA Mobile Mods has reciprocity or rewards. The reward received depends on the level of difficulty and stamina costs. In large large events will receive a large reward for consuming a lot of stamina.

FIFA Mobile Game Features

The next discussion is about the features in the Mobile Game Apk. Lots of features that you can use while playing. The first is Live Event and Attack Mode, in this feature the player will play using a game type mini game mode. So it’s not a full game like real football. If you want to use the full 90 minutes time, then use season mode.

There are UEFA league features. Which players can choose opponents from the biggest soccer club competitions in the world, such as the UEFA Champions League or the European League. Next up is the Ultimate Team, players can choose 11 players from around 550 original groups, including stars from various times, and prepare them for more than 100 OVR.

FIFA Mobile Apk Cheats also comes with learning tutorials, showboats, penalties, and all the movements needed for the game. Related to the control, FIFA Mobile Mod Apk has a touch screen control scheme and there are three buttons. These three buttons can change their functions and depend on the player’s position. If the player is attacking, the button functions will be pass, sprint and skill, and shoot.

When held, the function of the button will change to switch, sprint and tackel, and slide. If playing is more relaxed, the game can be left alone and control the player using Al and the game will run by itself.

Another feature is the full prize competition. Play one on one on Attack Versus or the full 11 v 11 match to win valuable multi-level prizes. Win division climbing and get more prizes when you reach the top of the board.

If you qualify for the Versus Attack tournament, you will get a chance to win the Grand Prize and Top 100 Achievement Prize.

Weaknesses FIFA Mobile Game

FIFA Mobile Apk The data for running games automatically is useful, but sometimes players controlled by AI will do strange and undesirable things. It looks like the AI ??dick will be directly proportional to the stat owned by the player, so it’s better to take control in the middle of the game.

Sometimes a virtual joystick will block the screen, making it difficult to type or swipe. This also disturbs the game.

Download the FIFA Mobile Game

To have FIFA Mobile Apk Obb, make sure you have enough storage space because the game has a fairly large size. The following is a link that can be used to Download FIFA Mobile Games

Download the Latest FIFA Mobile App Mod + Data Game | Download it
Size 78.6 Mb

How to Install FIFA Mobile Game

To install, first download the Apk file available above. After that open the settings menu and click on security options. Then activate the unknown source option. The goal is that the downloaded application can be used. Then open the application and click Agree and Continue.

What are you waiting for? Download FIFA Mobile Game now. Don’t miss out on other friends who have won the Grand Prize and Top 100 Achievement Prize.

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