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Facebook is one of the social media with the most users for now. However, not everyone has qualified smartphone specifications for installing this application.
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26 Desember 2019
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Facebook is one of the social media with the most users for now. However, not everyone has qualified smartphone specifications for installing this application. Therefore, many users switch to using the mini version (Lite).


Although the application is freely available, but there is a third party that changes to become even lighter. To get it, you can download the latest Fb Lite Mod Apk, the lightest on several provider platforms.

How to Download Fb Lite Mod Apk

The Fb Lite application is a small version of the Facebook application. By using it, even the regular smartphone specifications can be used easily. However, some features contained in it will also be trimmed.

In order to enjoy the Fb Lite application and its features, you must first get the apk. The way is easy because it only requires a few steps, such as:

1. Open a browser

The first step is to open the browser that is on your smartphone, specifically there are no provisions on what type and type to use. Can the default browser or others like Opera, Google Chrome and so on.

2. Download Fb Lite Mod Apk

To download the Fb Lite application is quite easy, you only need to do one step, click on the link below.

Then wait a while until the download process is complete. Also make sure the internet network is used smoothly so that the download process does not stop in the middle of the road.

3. Check the Application

If the application is fully downloaded, then check the download folder on your mobile. This step is done to ensure that the Fb Lite Apk file is already stored in that folder.

How to Install Fb Lite Mod Apk

After you finish the download, you must install it, the following steps:

Before installing enable first “unknown source” is quite easy to do that is “Settings >> Security >> Check >> unknown source”.
Can also go through “Settings >> Privacy >> unknown sources”.
Open the Fb Lite application file on your phone, then click install. Wait a few moments until the process is successful.
After the installation process is successful, you can immediately open the Fb Lite application.
Login using your Facebook account.

Features in Fb Lite Mod Apk

The newest lightweight Lite Fb Apk mod is equipped with various features to support users when using it, including:

1. Multi Facebook Account

The feature is designed so that you can log in with several accounts in the same device. This is very interesting so there is no need to log out first if you want to log in with another account.

2. Animation Effects for Display

This feature consists of:

Water Animation.
Fire Animation.
Animated Cherry Blossoms.
Snow Animation.
Money Fall Animation.
Animated falling leaves

3. Update FB Status

Can make color status.
Can make the color thick.
Can make a status with a background color.
Can make a status with an image background.
Can make a status with a background gradient.
Edge View

The existence of this feature can make the screen appear upward with style like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This effect is certainly very cool and interesting when applied to your smartphone. So don’t forget to take advantage of the edge view feature.

4. Screen Prank or Screen Shatter Effect

Screen prank is a feature that can be used to decorate your Facebook account on your smartphone. There are four choices of broken screen effects that can be used to make the display more attractive.

How to use Fb Lite Mod Apk

How to use it, here are the reviews:

1. Limiting Data Usage

This Fb Lite application is equipped with special tools to save data usage. How to open the menu “Settings >> Account Settings >> General >> Data Use”. After that, one of the 3 choices is available, namely Less, Normal or More.

For the most economical settings you can select “Less”. But if you want to enjoy a very good picture you can also choose “More” with the consequence of using data to be much greater.

2. Turn off Autoplay Video

Although using the Fb Lite application is lighter, the video in it can also be played automatically. Thus, causing the use of data to swell.

To be able to turn it off, you have to reset it manually by tapping the “Settings >> Account Settings” menu, then activating the Video Autoplay option on Wifi. So the video will play automatically if there is only a wifi network.

3. Turn off Chat Status

In the Fb Lite application, the chat feature can be available in live conditions. If you intend to turn off the status, the method is quite easy, tap the “Settings >> chat menu”, then just change from the “On” to “Off” position.

After implementing this method, the chat feature is no longer available when it is live. So, other people don’t know when you are online.

5. Finding Moments on Specific Days

The “OnThis Day” feature can be found in the Fb Lite application. This is very useful if you want to find important moments in the past and happened on a certain day. For example moments of friendship or birthday.

6. Protect Privacy

Protecting privacy is no less important for Fb Lite users. To be able to maintain the privacy of your account, you can arrange it so that the timeline can only be accessed and enlivened by known friends.

To be able to set it up, simply make arrangements in such a way through the menus provided in it.

Smartphone Specifications Required

So you can use all the features provided in the latest Fb Lite Mod Apk, you need a 4.03 or higher device to make it smooth when used. In addition, this application has the ability to create interesting themes.

The capacity of this application is quite small at 3MB, so it is very light. When downloading it requires about 4 MB of free space on internal storage for installation. With this capacity, you don’t need a large enough RAM. However, at least use 1 GB and 2 GB ROM.

The smartphone networks that can be used are 3G and 4G. With this relatively small size, you do not need to worry because its existence will not interfere with overall device performance.

Other Choice Types and Versions

The Fb Lite Mod application has several versions, including:

1. Fb Lite Mod Apk v.36

This version of Facebook Lite offers the advantage of being lighter and can include Messenger. In addition, this application is also designed for users who want fast loading, small file sizes and more efficient quota.

2. Fb Lite Mod Apk v.127

This version of Facebook Lite is also designed very lightly because it only has a file size of 3.1MB. This application can be used for 3G mobile networks and above. Not only that, it also comes with various interesting features.

Download the newest, lightest and best free Fb Lite Mod Apk. In addition, the download process is fast because it has a small file size. Use this application as you wish and make it more fun because it does not cause slow.

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