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Canva is an application intended for companies, organizations or individuals in the world of photo editing and graphic design.
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26 Desember 2019
Android 4.1 and Up
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Are you the type of person who likes to edit photos and make graphic designs but haven’t found the right application to use on smartphone? Don’t worry, now also download the latest Canva Apk Mod v2.42.0 Premium Unlocked.


What is Canva Apk Mod?

Canva is an application intended for companies, organizations or individuals in the world of photo editing and graphic design. This will provide ease of use and allows users to easily make the best and professional quality.

With Canva, you can do all the work related to photo editing and graphic design such as creating invitations, logos, posters, greeting cards and certificates in one application.

Canva also provides tools for editing images and managing layouts. In addition, there are quite a lot of stock photos. Not only that, this application also provides many templates that you can use for various types of needs.

By using the “mod” version, you can open all the menus in it. Interesting right?

How to download it?

If you want to have this photo editing and graphic design application, it can’t be downloaded directly on a smartphone because of its modification. In other words, the PlayStore does not provide it. The easiest way to get it is as follows:

1. Make sure the smartphone you are using is connected to the internet. Can use cellular or wifi data.2. Next, please download the application by clicking the following link.

3. Wait a few moments until the download process is complete and do not turn off the internet connection while the activity is happening suddenly.

4. After the process is complete, the application will install.

How to install it?

To install this application on a device, note the following steps:

After the application has been downloaded successfully along with the data, then extract the file with “RAR”.
Open the mod first.
Next, copy the mod to “Disk / Android / obb”.
Then, open the Canva application.
Finally, you can use the application for free and in full mode.
What Features Does It Have?

Following are the features of Canva mod apk v2.42.0 for smartphones that provide the best service in photo editing. In addition, making a variety of graphic designs certainly makes you feel even more addicted. As:

1. The application supports various designs such as logos, posters, maps, invitations, greeting cards and so on.

2. Image editing service is available.

3. There are many templates available, so users get more choices.

4. There are many types of beautiful and attractive fonts.

5. The feature of drag and drop photos that will facilitate the user.

6. The addition of an Indonesian menu, so it’s easier to understand.

That’s the features provided by this application. The functions provided are truly amazing, right? Photo editing activities and graphic design You will be more attractive and also the small size of the application will not take up internal memory space.

This application also has several types and versions that have the features and advantages of each. However, this type and version are previous outputs. Such as, Canva v2.31.0, Canva v2.38.0, Canva v2.37.0, Canva v2.1.2, Canva v2.19.0 and also Canva v2.33.0.

How to use?

After downloading and installing it, most people don’t know how to operate this application the first time. So that you are no longer confused, please refer to the following steps:

1. First, open the application on your smartphone.

2. Once open, you will be asked to log in with “log in” or if you don’t have an account then create it first by filling in the following data:

Full Name: Enter User Name, don’t need a real name.
Email: Fill in the active email.
After that, Confirm Email and re-enter the same email.
Password: Fill in the password.
As usual, check to confirm that you are not a robot by filling in “Capctha”.

3. After the data filling process is complete, then click “register”.

4. To start the application, click on the search menu and many design categories will appear. You can choose according to what projects will be made.

5. After determining the project, choose a template that suits your taste.

6. Next, you can change the text, color and decoration on the template.

7. After completing the project, save it and click “download” to download the soft file.

That’s the review of how to use Canva apk mod v2.42.0 that you have. Hopefully it will make it easier for designers to do photo editing and help their work in the realm of graphic design.

Required Smartphone Specifications

When running the Canva Apk Mod application v2.42.0 Premium Unlocked, not all devices can be used. Certain specifications are required, so your smartphone is able to download this application completely and optimally.

It is recommended when using this application, it must have a minimum RAM capacity of at least 2 GB and ROM at least 8 GB and an empty internal of more than 100 MB. This is because they have to download applications and large data.

Then, the Android operating system used must be version 5.0 (Lollipop) or above so that its use is more optimal. If the specifications are still below the provisions listed, you are advised to use a similar application with a lower version.

Sometimes, people force this application by using low specifications. This will result in smartphone performance that will slow down.

Canva advantages

There are several advantages that make this application very attractive to many users, such as:

Canva supports Javanese, Sundanese, Indonesian and others. Thus, making it easier for local residents to use it.
Canva display is very simple but user friendly.
Easy to use by anyone because of the drag and drop feature of the photo or item that you want to be included.
There are various types of fonts and attractive templates.
The results of design projects can be downloaded and saved in various formats such as PNG, JPG, PDF, Word and others.
Canva users can share their work and collaborate with other teams or designers in terms of producing more attractive and professional designs.
Canva’s shortcomings

Behind the advantages of an application, there must be drawbacks too. The weakness of this Canva is the necessity of an internet connection when editing photos and making graphic designs. Thus, it is fast to use up quota and difficult to use when the signal is inadequate.

To overcome this, when using the application takes place you can use a wifi network so as not to make quota sold out.

This application is a good choice and recommended, because it is quite complete and interesting. In addition, it does not meet the internal smartphone when playing when editing photos and making graphic designs. Thus reviews of downloading the latest Canva Apk Mod v2.42.0 Premium Unlocked, hopefully useful.

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