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Bloons TD Battles Apk game is a head to head strategy game that is currently popular. Games designed for multi-player battles began to be liked by gamers.
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24 Desember 2019
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Bloons TD Battles Apk game is a head to head strategy game that is currently popular. Games designed for multi-player battles began to be liked by gamers. So that the latest version reappears on November 25, 2019.


Viewed from the previous version, version 6.5 will provide some of the latest features that make the game more interesting. In this version will feature 27 head to head costume tracks, new attacks and defenses are increasingly increasing. Coupled with the ability to control bloons directly. For more details, you can see from the explanation below.

About Bloons TD Battles 6.5 Apk Mod

Bloons td battles mod is a development version of the original version. This development makes the strategy game even better and more exciting. The game will indeed be the same as the original version, but it will unlock several features that are not present in the original version.

In this game the game will require skill in strategy though. Gamers will be sued to defeat the strongest general. In achieving the goal the player will carry out city development, conquer enemy territories using defensive towers, then fight monkeys to defend the city. Then there are also new challenges in the most updated version.

Latest Challenges in Bloons TD Battles 6.5

In Bloons td battles apk this latest mod battle will be more interesting. Because it aims to complete the level. There is also the addition of a new icon in version 6.5, the killer balloon. Where if this balloon is sent can be the most effective weapon to attack the enemy.

In this game the player will be divided on each screen, with the same amount of money. Every player’s life, killer balloon and board game will be the same. So the ability to strategize will determine the victory in this game.

For those who just want to start playing this game, there is a tutorial that will be explained below.

Tutorial Bloons Td Battles Version 6.5

Bloons TD Battles strategy that is commonly used is the basic step to play it safe. It starts by placing the monkey hero on the battlefield. Then use money to attack the enemy. Be sure to estimate power for balloon packages sent carefully. Attack using a balloon when the enemy attacks, make sure that the balloon has reached enemy territory before they return.

Form intermediaries with different levels when breaking balloons. The better the strategy, the ability of each army will increase. Only training for and continuing to play is able to get used to attack and defense.

The choice of strategy will be in the hands of the players. Defend for an old game or go attacking for the sake of a fast game. But all steps will have their own risk.

Bloons td battles free game will be very interesting to play. Carrying out attacks and defenses must be considered at one time. This excitement will be even more interesting if you use the latest version. Of course because there are many additional features that increasingly make the game more interesting. Just downlod now.

Technical Information of battons td battles V6.5

Using the bloons td battles mod APK 2019 latest version with additional features in the game can be downloaded at the link below.

The Latest Features Of Bloons TD Battles V6.5

The latest version of Bloons TD battles gameplay will provide some of the latest features. Of course this latest feature will provide excitement in playing. Here are the latest features in this version.

Head to head two players bloons td battlesall towers
27 battle tracks
22 Monkey towers with 8 upgrade levels
Assault Mode – manage defenses and attack opponents.
Defensive Mode – increase income to last longer with superior defense.
Battle Arena Mode – put a medal in Assault Mode and the winner will take all.
Card fight – choose the best tower card and whacky card to outwit your opponent.
Monkey Tower Boost – add monkey towers for limited time attacks.
Bloons Boost – light bloons quickly for a limited time.
Create or join battles to challenge Facebook friends.
There are 16 bloons td battles game rewards to claim.

The following is an explanation of the bloons td battles new update game. An exciting strategy game will be obtained by downloading it at the link above. Then just download this game. Feel the most exciting sensation of war with full risk. Have a nice play.

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