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Are there important conversations on the phone that you want to record? Maybe, the conversation is useful for work and other things.
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29 Desember 2019
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Are there important conversations on the phone that you want to record? Maybe, the conversation is useful for work and other things. Or, the conversation can be important evidence for a particular case. Whatever its interests, now the public can record telephone conversations by downloading an automatic call recorder.


This automatic recorder is a special application for recording all conversations on the phone with others. The conversation will not just disappear and do not need an additional manual voice recorder to save it.

How to use it is also easy. Now, to better understand, the following discussion about the call recorder application.

Automatic Call Recorder Features

As a telephone voice recorder, this application has a variety of call recorder features. These features are as follows:

Written note

Not only recording telephone, by downloading the call recorder app, users can also add notes. The notes can contain anything, for example notes about what was said, important points, and so on

Ignore contact

After this application is active, all conversations on the phone call will be recorded. However, there may be some calls (or even unknown calls) that you don’t want to record.

To avoid wasting storage, you can use the ignore feature. There, you can choose anyone who does not need to be recorded voice contact.

Select contact

This is the inverse feature of ignoring contacts. If you only want to record certain conversations, then use this feature, rather than wasting storage. Select the contact whose conversation you want to record. Well, for this feature, only available in the pro version.

Saving to the cloud

No one knows when the cell phone will be damaged and the data will be lost. It could happen that undesirable things that make the phone totally dead. If you have this, the recording of important talks will disappear without a trace.

Fortunately, this secret call recorder provides a choice of cloud storage. So, talks and notes can be saved to Google Drive or Dropbox. Will not disappear until at any time.

Download Automatic Call Recorder Pro 6.03.2 Apk Full Version

Automatic call recorder in the Play Store is a free version. If you want to use the pro version, then you can subscribe. However, here you can download full auto call recorder pro apk without having to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Following the download link automatic call recorder pro apk

Automatic Call Recorder Pro version 6.03.2
Download it

9MB in size
Download it

How to use Automatic Call Recorder

After downloading the Automatic Call Recorder application, it is time to use it. Here are the easy steps:

Give permission

Allow Automatic call recorder apk to access some of the things that are on the cellphone. For example, such as contacts, calls, and so on.

Set the ignore list and contact list

Before starting, click on the three dashes at the top left. Then select set ignore list. There, select anyone who wants to be ignored alias you don’t want to have his voice recorded.

Meanwhile, you can also choose which contacts to record. So, the application does not need to record all contacts.

Start calling and getting called

Now, the Automatic call recorder is ready to record all calls made by the user or made by others and into the user’s cellphone.

Set incoming and outgoing call records

With the default model, all recordings, both incoming and outgoing, will be recorded after the user downloads the Automatic call recorder app. However, it can also choose which ones you don’t want to record.

After tap on line three in the upper left corner, then select settings. Slide the blue button line to set whether incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded or not.

See the list of recordings

After calling and calling, now on the main page the user can view a list of voice recordings (all), or view by incoming and outgoing telephone categories

It’s so easy to record important talks through an Automatic call recorder. Now there is no need to be confused remembering important talks, or even recording evidence of agreements and oral talks.

Immediately download Automatic call recorder on mobile. This pro version, besides being easy to use, also won’t take up cellphone storage because of its small size and uncomplicated working system.

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