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In this asphalt 7 mod apk game the players will be able to try out more than 15 tracks or circuits in the world.
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27 Desember 2019
Android 4.1 and Up

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Asphalt 7 game apk version 1.1.2h is the best and most popular Race genre android game. With 3D graphics will certainly make this game appear to be the most amazing game. Even more interesting with the Mod version that adds several features in it. So the quality of the game will be better and realistic.


Players will enter the tense wild race and of course very luxurious. Later, players will feel the thrill of speeding up against a variety of pretty cool cars. Players can have the most famous, best, newest and most sophisticated cars. Like Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Delorean, and other cars.

In this asphalt 7 mod apk game the players will be able to try out more than 15 tracks or circuits in the world. More than 150 racing competitions will be a tense challenge. Lmaka is not surprised if there are so many fans of this game.

Asphalt Gameplay 7

This racing game called Asphalt, of course, has become a very famous wild racing game. So the gameplay problems can no longer be denied. Of course it will be very fun and tense.

The graphic quality of this latest version of Asphalt will display heat that is superior to previous versions. Then in this game there will also be 60 sports cars that can be used to race on 15 different tracks. Of course both the car and the race track will trigger the adrenaline of the driver. Race tracks won’t be monotonous either. The pengedara will pass the scenery through the cities and beautiful beaches. This will add to the sensation of the game on the latest version of Asphalt 7 download.

Talking about wild race games, it won’t be fun without talking about acceleration. Of course the control of the car will be the determinant of victory. So in this game, the car will run only very easily. Then there will also be additional nitro power that adds speed.

Not just stop there. But there are also additional features of this game.

The Best Features of Asphalt Games

For the latest version of asphalt 7 apk data game, players will get many additional features from this game. Like the following additions.

3D graphics that will greatly amaze the game.
More than 60 most sophisticated and new cars can be used.
6 game modes for wild racing.
15 racing competitions of the highest quality.
More than 150 matches will await

Then the latest convenience will also be obtained from asphalt 7 mod V1.1.2h. In this Mod version of the game features will certainly increase and be more interesting. Like the following additions.

Support for Android Lollipop
Game Bug on from previous versions.
Unlimited money & star

So if you are interested in playing using this game, you can directly download it via the link that will be shared above. But for all the conveniences of this wild race game, it would be nice to finish each discussion that will be explained.

Asphalt Game Analysis

From this well-known game it will be more exciting if discussed through reality analysis. Certainly it would be quite interesting when compared to using races in the real world. Moreover, indeed cars and tracks are the result of adaptation of what is in reality. Like the following reality.

Reality Facts from Games

Will use 60 types of the latest cars from famous companies. Like, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and DeLorean. Of course the mobol is in the real world.
Uses racing circuits that are in the world. Like London, Paris, Miami and Rio.
Reality of Cause and Effect
Drivers who are hit and hit will experience damage and accidents during the race.
Able to collect Nitro to increase the speed of the car.
The loser will be in the last place at the start of the game.
The police will catch wild racers and will reduce money.
Reality of Physical Laws
Use Nitro to increase speed.
The car can jump and fall on the track.
The car will fall or crash with an effect that matches the momentum.
Audio and Visual Reality
The sound from the roar of the car produced by the engine will continue to amaze and refresh.
The sound of a collision.
Sparks that are very detailed when experiencing friction in the circuit or from other cars.
The sound of the wind, birds and others.

From the reality described this it can be said that the game asphalt 7 apk mod is a game that is well adapted from real world events. Then the tension that will be raised becomes more real and increasingly challenging. Then the following is a link to download the mod version asphalt game application.

Download Asphalt 7 Apk OBB

Following are links and explanations of the Asphalt game along with data and OBB for additional features of version 1.1.2h at most. By using this version it can be played on devices that have not too much RAM. The following is info from the game.

How to Install Asphalt 7

To install the apk above, please download all asphalt 7 crack files via the link above. Then do the following steps.

Intall the original APK or MOD that has been downloaded. Then wait until the process is complete.
Move the obb data file on SDcard / Android / obb / and paste it in that folder.
Open the game then play.

That was the explanation of the racing game that is so popular today. To get every challenge that exists, then just download every file that is already available above and get the excitement of the game asphalt 7 download the latest version of the apk.

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